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Visual Graph Memory with Unsupervised Representation for Visual Navigation

  • Obin Kwon, Nuri Kim, Yunho Choi, Hwiyeon Yoo, Jeongho Park, and Songhwai Oh, "Visual Graph Memory with Unsupervised Representation for Visual Navigation," in Proc. of the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Oct. 2021.

Road Graphical Neural Networks for Autonomous Roundabout Driving



MixGAIL: Autonomous Driving Using Demonstrations with Mixed Qualities

Pedestrian Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving Using a Multiple Stakeholder Perspective Model

No-Regret Shannon Entropy Regularized Neural Contextual Bandit Online Learning for Robotic Grasping

Learning to Walk a Tripod Mobile Robot Using Nonlinear Soft Vibration Actuators with Entropy Adaptive Reinforcement Learning

Hierarchical 6-DoF Grasping with Approaching Direction Selection


Generative Autoregressive Networks for 3D Dancing Move Synthesis from Music

Unsupervised 3D Reconstruction Networks

Deep Predictive Autonomous Driving Using Multi-Agent Joint Trajectory Prediction and Traffic Rules

Soft Action Particle Deep Reinforcement Learning for a Continuous Action Space


Interactive Text2Pickup Networks for Natural Language based Human-Robot Collaboration

Uncertainty-Aware Learning from Demonstration Using Mixture Density Networks with Sampling-Free Variance Modeling

A Nonparametric Motion Flow Model for Human Robot Cooperation

Learning-Based Model Predictive Control under Signal Temporal Logic Specifications

Sparse Markov Decision Processes with Causal Sparse Tsallis Entropy Regularization for Reinforcement Learning


Text2Action: Generative Adversarial Synthesis from Language to Action

Online Learning to Approach a Person with No-Regret

Scalable Robust Learning from Demonstration with Leveraged Deep Neural Networks

Cost-Aware Path Planning under Co-Safe Temporal Logic Specifications

Chance-Constrained Target Tracking Using Sensors with Bounded Fan-Shaped Sensing Regions


Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Leveraged Gaussian Processes

Robust Modeling and Prediction in Dynamic Environments Using Recurrent Flow Networks

Gaussian Random Paths for Real-Time Motion Planning


Multiple-Hypothesis Chance-Constrained Target Tracking Under Identity Uncertainty


Complex Non-Rigid 3D Shape Recovery Using a Procrustean Normal Distribution Mixture Model


Vision-Based Coordinated Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks


Energy-Efficient Motion Planning for Higher Dimensional Problems Using Stochastic Optimization


Leveraged Non-Stationary Gaussian Process Regression


Robust Structured Low-Rank Matrix Approximation in GPR


Chance-Constrained Target Tracking for Mobile Robots



Smartphone-Controlled Telerobotic Systems

  • Hyemin Ahn, Hyunjun Kim, Yoonseon Oh, and Songhwai Oh, "Smartphone-Controlled Telerobotic Systems," in Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks, and Applications (CPSNA), Aug. 2014.

SmartPTA: A Smartphone-Based Human Motion Evaluation System


A Robust Autoregressive GPMM Using l1-Norm Based Low-Rank Kernel Matrix Approximation

Playing Alkagi with a Humanoid Robot Nao

Action Classification Using Body Sensor Networks


Robust Action Recognition Using Local Motion and Group Sparsity

Real-Time Gaussian Process Motion Control

Before 2013

Nao Dancing to SNSD's Dancing Queen


PASU | Personal Area Situation Understanding System


VibePhone for Surface Recognition


VibeComm for Communication between Smart Devices without Radios


Multi-Robot Coordination

Kinect-Based Teleoperation of Willow Garage's PR2 Robot

Cooperative Indoor Localization Using Multiple Robots


Topological Mapping and Navigation for iRobot Create


Virtual Lock: A Smartphone Application for Personal Surveillance Using Camera Sensor Networks


NEST Final Experiment