Graduation Projects

2020 Fall

Development of Indoor Self Driving using Reinforcement Learning (Sumin Lee)

Video Inference for Human Motion with Texture Generation (Minyoung Hwang)


Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Hide-and-Seek (Jaeyeon Jeong)


2020 Spring

Prediction of 2D keypoints of an 2D articulated object image and training its dynamics (Hojun Chang)

Evaluation of Factors for Visual Target Navigation (Mingi Lee)

2019 Fall 

Development of Indoor Self Driving Algorithm for RC Car Using Sim-to-Real Approach (Wooseok Oh)

2018 Fall 

Image Generation using NestedNet (Hyuntae Son)

2018 Spring 

Incremental Learning via Nested Sparse Network (Hogun Ki)

Development of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm using Open AI Gym (Minjae Kang)

Pose Estimation using Stacked Hourglass Keypoints Extraction (Sungchan Lee)

2017 Fall 

Autonomous Mapping System with High-Speed RCcar (Obin Kwon, Gyuho Yeom)

Deep Learning based High-Speed Autonomous Driving RCcar Algorithm (Abesiri Munasinghege Malinga Viduranga)

Deep Learning Algorithm for Multi-View 3D Pose Estimator (Geonwoon Jang)

2017 Spring

Socially-Acceptable Navigation for High-Speed RC Cars (Sunho Jang, Sungwon Cho)

Real-Time Navigation for High-Speed RC Cars Using Occupancy Flow (Jaegu Choi)

Chance-Constrained Target Tracking in Cluttered Environments (Jaeyoung Chung)

2016 Fall

Policy Network Training with Reinforcement Learning (Timothy HA, Inyoung Bang)

Human Activity Recognition via Deep Neural Network (Sanghyun Woo)

2016 Spring

Video Segmentation using Machine Learning (Seokhyun Ha)

Controlling Quadrotor with Wearable Device (Howoong Jeon, Yoonho Choi)

Tracking and gaze estimation of pedestrians (Youngseok Yoon)

2015 Fall

Gaussian Random Path Generator on ROS (Eunjeong Park)

Activity Recognition and Life Logging Using Wearable Devices (Daeung Jo)

Cooperative Working Algorithm: Nao and Pionner (Kyurim Oh)

2015 Spring

Chance-Constrained Target Tracking for Service Robots (Jinyoung Choi, Seonu Lee)

Pedestrian Detection Using 2D Range Finder and RGB Camera (Jaeyoon Yoo)

Developing Action Classification Systems Using Random Forest (Hyunjae Kim)

2014 Fall

Real Steal: Humanoid Robot Control Based on Single Image (Hoyoung Kim)

Human Centric Networked Mobile Robots (Jungwon Bae)

2014 Spring

Personalized Smart Control of a Humanoid Robot (Jongin Lim and Myungsoo Cha)

Data-Driven Pedestrian Trajectory Modeling for Service Robots (Seungwon Lee)

2013 Fall

Humanoid Robot Navigation (Kyoungjae Lee and Seungjae Lee)

Smart Control of a Humanoid Robot (Hyunjun Kim and Hyemin Ahn)

Activity Recognition Using a Smartphone (Seungki Min)