Course Information

Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems - Spring 2017
Instructor: Prof. Songhwai Oh (오성회)
Email: songhwai (at)
Office Hours: Friday 2:00-4:00PM
Office: Building 133 Room 405
Course Number: 4541.729 (004)
Time: MW 5:00-6:15PM
Location: Building 301 Room 202
TA: Geonho Cha (차건호)
Email: geonho.cha (at)
Office: Building 301 Room 718

Course Description

This is an advanced course for intelligent systems. We will review recent advances in intelligent systems, including robotics and computer vision. Each student is required to read recent research articles and give a number of technical presentations in the class. All students need to participate actively in class discussions. Each student is expected to complete a substantial term project independently.